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Used Products!


New concept in Romania

Used Products represents a European chain of franchises, which also introduces to Romania the concept of Selling – Buying – Trading products, directly from the clients who visit our stores.

Originating from the Netherlands (informally, Holland), our business formula was evaluated and approved by NEDERLANDSE FRANCHISE VERENIGING.

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Product diversity

You can bring to our stores a variety of products, among which: mobile phones, tablets, laptops, monitors, photo-video cameras, audio equipment, musical instruments, games and consoles, small household appliances, tools and DIY, TVs, equipment, watches, bicycles, etc.

The products are tested before purchase, and then are always sold with a Warranty, thus giving customers confidence that the products are fully functional.

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Continuous Development

There are opportunities for franchise partners in almost every city in the country, and with over 20 years of experience, the Used Products network has exceeded 50 stores in Europe.

As a target, cities with over 50,000 inhabitants are aimed at, however, a Used Products center can be adjusted, based on predefined criteria.


Can a Used Products store be opened in almost any city in the country?

Of course, so far 3 stores have been opened in Romania, the first in Cluj-Napoca, and the next two as franchises, in Timișoara and Sibiu.

For information about opening a store in your city, please fill out the form below and we will be happy to answer you.

Be your own boss!

A profitable business for a sustainable future. Be a part of it.

By enrolling in the Used Products franchise chain, you choose to promote the basic concept of this business - the reuse and redistribution of pre-used products - while simultaneously cultivating your entrepreneurial skills.

Be the one to bring about change in your city!


Time for a phone upgrade? Ever thought about trading in a laptop you no longer use for a guitar? Or maybe you received a not-so-great gift? No problem, bring it to one of our stores, and we'll happily show you all the available options.


As we aim to completely differentiate ourselves from the "gray" area of the pawnshop concept, we do not offer this option to clients and DO NOT SELL, for example, jewelry, furniture, clothing items, etc.


One of the questions we receive almost daily in our stores is "Is this product new?". And that's because no product is displayed in the store until it's fully prepared for sale.

Introducing the first Used Products store opened in Romania

We kindly invite you to our address in Cluj-Napoca, Aurel Vlaicu street, No. 4, or any Used Products location in Europe.


Before opening your store, you'll have an intensive training, where you'll learn how to set the purchase and retail values of a product, the commercial viability level, the procurement process, product preparation for sale, optimal product presentation in the showcase / online, etc.

After opening the store, a regional manager will be present with you in the store for a week to ensure a perfect start.

Why choose the Used Products Franchise

A brand recognized at the European level with over 20 years of experience

Exclusivity for the city/region

A unique concept, which ensures success in any city, regardless of its size

Feel free to contact us

We are available for all your questions, comments and requests.

Eduard Lautaru
Eduard Lautaru

Romania, United Arab Emirates, Europe

+40 74 322 8328
Bas Hofte
Bas Hofte

Netherlands & International CEO

+31 75 615 1575
Gregor Miklavčič
Gregor Miklavčič

Adriatic Area

+38 63 136 4610
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